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Over 6,000 killed, Taliban still prepared to fight
Frontier Post  11/28/2001
ISLAMABAD: As the United States marines arrive to tighten the noose around Taliban's last stronghold of Kandahar, the extremist militia was "waiting anxiously to confront the US troops and to embrace martyrdom in the fight", sources close to Taliban told The Frontier Post.

Sources said that the main fighting force of the Taliban had gone to hideouts in the mountains and under ground bunkers following the heavy bombardments by the US war planes during the last about two month.

Senior Taliban sources have also said that more than 6,000 Taliban forces have been killed all over Afghanistan since the start of the air campaign by the US planes.

The US troops Monday morning to dig out Osama Bin Ladin and eliminate the main brain force of the Al-Qaida network, sources from Kandahar have said that fierce fighting was continuing between the Taliban forces and the US marines.

The sources said that the maximum casualties took place because of the Napalm bombs, which caused elimination of oxygen and the forces gasped for breath because of non availability of gas masks.

Sources have also said that Osama Bin Ladin had left Afghanistan more than 20 days ago and was not present in Kandahar or in the vicinity provinces of Uruzugan or Paktia.

"He is not in Afghanistan and has left many days ago and we are not aware of his destination", remarked a senior Taliban official.

Another Taliban senior official said that " US was aware of the whereabouts of Osama Bin Ladin but was deliberately avoiding targeting him because its main aim was to dismantle the Islamic system established by the Taliban in Afghanistan".

On the other hand sources inside Afghanistan have said that the Turkish special forces have also started taking part in operations against Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaida elements hiding in the caves along with the US and British special forces in Afghanistan.

Turkish Special Forces are known for their expertise to digging out terrorists from the caves and the skill was ably displayed during the fight against the PKK elements in the South Eastern part of Turkey couple of years back.

Turkish troops are said to have arrived in Uzbekistan some two weeks ago.

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