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Tribesmen threaten to restart poppy cultivation - (Frontier Post)

SAHBQADAR, Jan 26 -- The tribesmen would again start poppy cultivation if the government failed to fulfil promises it made with Khwaizai tribe of the Mohmand Agency.

The elders of the Khwaizai tribe here said this in a press statement on Thursday.

They said that Nawaz Sharif government before destroying their poppy crops had made promise with them that it would provide all basic amenities to the area, if the tribesmen stopped poppy cultivation.

They further said the previous government also pledged that soon after the destruction of the poppy crop uplift schemes like, provision of electricity, jobs opportunities, health care and education facilities, would be initiated in the area, but after the passage of two years no step has been taken in this regard.

Poppy crop was the only source of income of the people of the area, they said and warned that the people would be compelled to start cultivating of poppy crops again, if the government did not immediately start uplift schemes to bring this most backward area of Mohmand Agency on a par with the the developed areas of the agency.

They asked the interior minister Moin Haider and governor NWFP Lt. Gen. (R) Iftikhar Hussain Shah to include the area in government Poverty Alleviation Programme(PAP) otherwise its people would be justified in restarting poppy cultivation.

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